Highlight of Rose City Comic Con had to be sketching for this lil’ darlin’.

Look at this weird little statue that I took a picture of while I was away in New York!

I spotted it in Aubrey’s parents’ house and I kept wondering where the heck it was from and what the story was behind it. I just really liked the image of this creepy dude with a bunch of masks and stuff, so I drew a picture of it!


AHH you guys, I got to do an exclusive LUMBERJANES cover for Rose City Comic Con! I’m super excited about this because it’s my first ever big boy published art thing! I’m always psyched to work on the letters for LUMBERJANES but finally getting to do a cover takes my excitement to a whole other level! If your from or visiting Portland, I hope you notice all the little Portland references I got to throw in here!

If you’re gonna be at RCCC make sure to stop by booth 1201 where I’ll actually be signing these and doing sketches as well!

Look at her go!!!

Poofy-haired umbrella witch because why not start drawing that.

Been reading Batman & Robin and I love it so much! I wish I started reading it a long time ago, but man, I am eating it up with a spoon right now! Damian is such a cool lil’ character and I had to draw him!

Couple o’ dudes.

Made this because I felt like gettin’ GNARLY!!!

Did another Gumball cover! Thought I’d have fun with some superhero stuff!

Test page for an upcoming UK project! Just a little portion of Candy Kingdom guys and some random characters thrown in!

Got to do a handful of really simple spot-illustration for Titan Books in the UK and there’s plenty more on the way! It’s really fun to do these little guys and It’s interesting to try to boil down shots into bite-sized scenes.

Drawin’ a Batman thing


I dunno if you heard, but there’s a cool new project from Kevin Panetta (writer), Brooke Allen (penciller), Me (inks), Paulina Ganucheau (colors), and Aubrey Aiese (Letterer) that’s going to be coming to you in the form of murder, mayhem and BATS. This is the first time that I finally had some time to ink Brooke’s amazing pencils and I can’t wait to see what else comes next!

Stay tuned…

Messin’ around with color palettes and finally colored this future-motorcycle-mecha-thing-lady I finished a few months ago! Now that I’ve wrapped-up a few projects I finally had time to actually work on it! Anyway, not much else to say here, just drawing a few of my favorite things.

Whipped up a SUPER quick illustration for Pop Culture Shock Collectibles yesterday featuring everyone’s favorite lil’ dude, Catbug! 100 signed prints from me are going to be sold exclusively at SDCC with their vinyl Catbug figure, too, so be on the lookout!

P.S. I squeezed this in between finishing the 4th Adventure Time original graphic novel and the next episode of Bee & Puppycat, so I’ve got plenty more to show you guys in the near future and I’m psyched!

P.P.S. The space-y background is a reference to issue #1 of Bravest Warriors, which I colored/was the first interior comics job actually I actually ever had!

Finally get to post some new art! I got to do the cover illustrations for the next few super fancy Adventure Time Enchiridion Edition hardcovers! This is the first one that I did a while back, but I couldn’t announce it until now! THese are super fun to draw and my favorite part is trying to make a nice centered illustration with a funny reveal once you open it! This bad boy is debuting at SDCC, and there’s more coming!