So a few days ago I asked for you cool dudes for some sketch suggestions and I got a lot of really great ones! This one turned into a bit more than a sketch because I was just really enjoying myself!

you could draw YOUR ace the bat hound as THE ace the bat hound?
Just in case you don’t already know this, we have a little six month old corgi. We named him Ace after Batman’s dog, so that’s why I liked this so much!
I have a tendency to over work and over think things sometimes and I really tried to just go for it and keep things fun and playful! n_n


Hey, cartoon peoples! I’m gonna be doing a bundle of variant covers for the Amazing World of Gumball comic! Here’s my first! You can red more about it here!

"BLAM! Murdered you!"

Been reading a bajillion Guardians of the Galaxy books and I cannot get enough. Also have to resist re-watching the trailer for the new movie over and over again…

Getting to draw some more Fionna and Cake stuff for BOOM!

Trying to design characters for a comic idea! (Loosely based on the too-good-to-be-true fact that my girlfriend worked at a clothing store with an actual robot! What the heck?!)

Sleepy boys. (Courtesy of @lettersfromaubrey)

Title: Okay Saturday 30- 2013 Year in Review Artist: Okay Saturday 39 plays


Okay Saturday 30- 2013 Year in Review

//This week we talk about our favorite (and least favorite) things about 2013. Topics include pizza, Miley Cyrus, mimosas, and more!

Please send topic ideas and advice questions to OkaySaturday@gmail.com ! 

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NEW PODCAST DUDES! Give it a listen!!!

Title: Okay Saturday 28 Artist: Okay Saturday 11 plays


Okay Saturday 28

This week we give advice about gift-giving, and talk about gifts we’ve given to each other in the past! 

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The new podcast is up, guys! It’s kinda Christmas-y!

It’s all dark colors and punk nonsense today. (But nobody else will know that I’m still wearing Santa suspenders under the jacket ⛄️)

Ahead of penciling schedule for the night… I think I’ll reward myself by drawing Batmans.


(He tried to eat his sweater as soon as this picture was done being taken)

broken-bones asked: Hey dude! I'm a designer about a year out of college and I'm currently working for a company doing their website/marketing/catalogues etc. I was just wondering if you are a full time freelancer? If so did you work in an agency or something similar before making the switch? And also, I'm really interested in trying my hand at illustrating but I don't really know where to start. Do you have tips for beginners? Equipment, where to start your drawings etc? Thanks dude, look forward to your reply :)

I am a full-time freelancy man! I didn’t work for any agencies, but I did pick up offered work here and there through a friend who co-owned an advertising business. I’m working almost exclusively on comics now, but that took a bit of luck and sending an e-mail to the right person at the right time. (here’s looking at you, Shann-o Bonnan-o)

Also, I am so psyched that you are interested in illustrating! I’m sure you’ve read this before, but there’s really nowhere to start specifically. Everyone’s got their own secret origins, and you gotta find what’s best for you!

Regardless, here’s a couple of tips/how I got started:

1. How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way

My dad bought this for me when I was really small because I’ve always been really into super heroes and comic books. I used to spend hours pouring over the pages (mostly just looking for cool Spider-Man poses) and trying to recreate all of the awesome John Buscema art. Oh yeah! And regardless of the “tights” aspect of the book, all of the information in it still applies. Great little lessons about form, perspective, inking, and storytelling are a-plenty. Not to mention Stan Lee wrote it and it’s fun to imagine his voice while you read it.

2. Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists

Another book that I’ve been referencing for years. There’s a million anatomy books out there and all of them are great, but this just happened to be the one I found at the used book store way back when. Whether you get this book or not, you should look for something that’s got lots of information about musculature, skeletal composition and little tips and tricks about ratios and proportions of the human body. This book still helps me out to this day and there’s lots of cool drawings in it, too!

3. Draw, draw, draw! (And then draw some more, ya dink!)

What I’m saying is that you should draw a lot. Like, every day. Draw things that you think are awesome! Draw things that you think are boring! Draw people! Draw animals! Draw buildings! Draw machines! Just draw all of the time, dangit! There’s a lot of coordination and muscle memory to good illustration and you have to learn it through practice. Even if you think you’re not getting anywhere, you’ll look at the stuff you made a year ago and say “HMPH! I guess I was getting better all along!”


I can’t stress this enough. When I was a kid, I used to draw little teeny tiny Batmans right in the middle of my mom’s printer paper with a TON of blank space all over. Dumb kid! Draw big, I say! You get to draw way more of the details and cool stuff if you don’t get all cramped and microscopic with your illustrating. And don’t skimp on the backgrounds either, mister! I still struggle with this all of the time, but if you learn that perspective stuff I mentioned and create a world on the paper that your characters can live in, it’ll make you’re work more immersive and fun!

Hope that helps! Good luck, and happy drawing!

The power and spirit of Christmas Suspenders is flowing through me!!!

Hey guys, check it out- the first time I’ve ever been interviewed about comic stuff! How cool! Comics Alliance talked to me and the writer, Danielle Corsetto, and got the scoop on the 2nd Adventure Time OGN: Pixel Princesses! Click on the photo to read the interview and some preview pages of the art!


What up party people! I had the supreme pleasure of colouring a few pages from Playing with Fire for my portfolio! They were the MOST fun to colour! 8D
The book was originally published in black and white so I think this is the first time these pages are appearing all coloured up?!

Adventure Time: Playing with Fire
Written by the spectacular Danielle Corsetto
Drawn by the amazing Zack Sterling
Published by Kaboom!/Boom! Studios

Gosh, this looks SO good. I wish, I wish, I wish these books were done in color! Really, fantastic job.