Startin’ to get fuzzy for fall!

(Also, this is a screencap from a super gooey video I made for Aubrey real quick-like earlier.)

I just said “Lable the Carry Guy” by mistake.

Hey, I’m doing this now ‘cause it’s fun to draw/more opportunities for some sketchy laughs. Just ask stuff in my inbox and I’ll try to draw it when I’ve got the time! (P.S. Can’t wait to post what I’ve been working on once I can! Also still workin’ on the comic!)

One page comic.

This is the kind of thing I post on your Facebook wall at 5:00am when I’m missing you.

Warm up sketch before I start drawing another Adventure Time cover!

Ever since I read this, I’ve been DYING to draw these guys. You know how I feel about punks. More sketches inevitably to come.

Part 2

Part 1

Bonus for Aubrey. Look at all of the fudges I don’t give.

Seriously, you can’t have any of my fudge. Get your own.

Wait, wait, I can do better

I’m cooky about those darned cowl-necks. COWL-a-bunga, dude!


I’m doing a cover for the new Bravest Warriors Comic!(Bravest Warriors is the new cartoon coming out from Adventure Time creator, Pendelton Ward, for those who didn’t know how psyched I am)

Sorry it’s been a while but I was in New York for a month and I’ve been doing a lot of art for BOOM! Studi! Unfortunately, I’ve got to keep a lot under wraps until stuff gets published. Regardless, here’s a cover I did! It was super fun and get this- I’m actually going to be coloring a big ol’ issue of the new BW comic! I’ve also got two Adventure Time variant covers under wraps (one of them for the holiday season!) so be on the lookout for that!

As always, thanks to my ever-congenial editor Shannon for all of these fun gigs!

(…So many exclamation marks)

Me and my girlfriend having what we have dubbed “Classic Date Night” aka: a night that we do a bunch of romantic things while we’re out on the town, dressed exactly the same.

Helping my folks clean out the garage (before I leave for New York for 3 weeks to spend time with my better half) the other day and I found this little gem. Drew it around age 7, and I remember how impressive I thought it was because I inked it.

Anyway, I whipped this up last night and here’s how I draw Spider-Man 16 years later. What a trip, and so much fun to do. I highly reccomend an excercise like this to all my fellow draw-y people out there. It’s super, super cool to notice all of the differences in tastes you might have. (i.e. when I was a kid I liked to draw Spidey with HUGE eyes and now I favor the tiny-eyed John Romita Sr. style)


I’m getting WAY TOO EXCITED over these covers for future editions of the Marceline and The Scream Queens comic, even though most of them aren’t the final art.

And if Boom Studios didn’t include this lil zinger, “a great way to get girls into your store!”, in the description, we probably could have been friends.

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