Holiday-edition Adventure Time cover I did a million years ago, but I can post now! Merry Christmas!


Everyone, say hello to my new icon picture.

One of my favorite things that you’ve drawn. Please, please make more portraits.


Punx have feelings too.

My girlfriend also draws punx. One of the many reasons I love her.

More punx!

Wanna draw some more punx. Who should I punk up next? I was thinking maybe Mickey Mouse or something. Anybody who you think would look all cool and stuff? Lemme know!

Good morning, Sonic! Today’s warm up, brought to you by kawaii. I also love chili dogs… And Sonic.

Sailor Chibi-Punk. Draw punks forever.

Sailor Punk

Art-block. Draw hot dogs. (fixed)

WHAT TIME IS IT?? Check out the cover I did for issue #3 of the Fionna & Cake comic! More info here! Last summer I was attending San Diego Comic Con ‘11 cosplaying as Prince Gumball with my friends, and now I get to draw him and the other great gender-swapped characters that we all dressed up like! How weird is that?

Couldn’t sleep last night so I finished this up! Really inspired by all of the cool art for the Sailor Moon Artzine and I wanted to draw a punx Sailor Moon myself, so here ya go! (I also like the way Michael Jackson wipes his mouth)

“In the name of the moon I will punish you!”

-Now with Sailor Chibi-Punk.

Real inspired by all the cool Sailor Moon art floating around here on the Tumbs. Work in progress!

"I can fly anything, even a stupid witch’s broom!"

(Posted a sketch for this a while back and colored it last night!)

I’m thankful for caffeine and the Lion King! I am so tired! Happy Thanksgiving! I have comics to make!



Bravest Warriors #2 (Preview)

Previews Contain Spoilers

POWER! RESPECT! The Bravest Warriors are clowning around on a very special planet that needs their help! But can they overcome their own fears in time to do it? The comic adaptation based on the new TOTALLY AWESOME show from ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendelton Ward! Don’t miss out on this hot new series! (ComicBookResources)

Available Wednesday, November 21st.

A preview of Bravest Warriors #2, in which I drew several things. Go get it!

Hey homies! Check out Bravest Warriors #2! I colored that junk and I also did Cover B!



Bravest Warriors #1 is now available everywhere, and you can now buy it and take it home and read it! This is the debut of my very first monthly book as regular artist, and I am just unbelievably proud to be a part of it. Joey Comeau and Ryan Pequin and Zack Sterling and Shannon and Adam and everyone at BOOM are just awesome to work with.

Go out and get it at your local comic shop! I think you’ll like it!!

Get your copy of Bravest Warriors #1, today! Seriously guys, I was laughing out loud the whole time I worked on this and the whole thing is just so damn good. So much fun to be a part of.

Hey nerds, I did an Adventure Time cover! It makes absolutely no sense, it was just fun to draw! More info here.

(Any of you guys own these plastic skates when you were babies?)