A cat? Maybe a dog?

Bee has her bases covered with PuppyCat.

Prop designs by Zack Sterling.

Hey guys, I’m working on Nat’s Puppycat cartoon! How cool!

I am having so much fun playing Lugi Manson right now.


Nighttime adventures.


Last night Zack and I spent an extra half hour turning our legitimate shopping list into a joke..

This is the kind of relationship I am half of.

Hey guys! If you didn’t know, I’m gonna be doing the pencils for the first Adventure Time original graphic novel. Just thought I’d give you guys a little preview of the work I’ll be doing! Hope you dig it!

What a jealous-smellous anon. Nat knocked it out of the park.

Oh yeah! This is the card I made for my girlfriend for Christmas! Couldn’t post it before I gave it to her. I got her a Michael Jackson! Hope you all are having an awesome New Year!

Holiday-edition Adventure Time cover I did a million years ago, but I can post now! Merry Christmas!


Everyone, say hello to my new icon picture.

One of my favorite things that you’ve drawn. Please, please make more portraits.


Punx have feelings too.

My girlfriend also draws punx. One of the many reasons I love her.

More punx!

Wanna draw some more punx. Who should I punk up next? I was thinking maybe Mickey Mouse or something. Anybody who you think would look all cool and stuff? Lemme know!

Good morning, Sonic! Today’s warm up, brought to you by kawaii. I also love chili dogs… And Sonic.

Sailor Chibi-Punk. Draw punks forever.

Sailor Punk

Art-block. Draw hot dogs. (fixed)

WHAT TIME IS IT?? Check out the cover I did for issue #3 of the Fionna & Cake comic! More info here! Last summer I was attending San Diego Comic Con ‘11 cosplaying as Prince Gumball with my friends, and now I get to draw him and the other great gender-swapped characters that we all dressed up like! How weird is that?